How to Play

Thank you for tuning in to Kupernik Enterprises; I'm going to give you a brief overview on how to play our newest and most exciting game yet Dual Bet Poker Plus. You can also watch our introductory video

Dual Bet Poker Plus is easy to learn and fun for the whole family.

 And for you seasoned poker players out there, you finally have a chance to up your game. Can you still win the poker hand while navigating a challenging “game within the poker game”. The five seemingly simple High Card Bets are belied by their impact on the final poker hand. You’d better be thinking 3 steps ahead.

 Are you ready? Great, time to learn Dual Bet Poker Plus…..


  • To win as many of the “CARD BETS” as

Players are dealt five individual Face Down Cards, that only they can see. “CARD BETS” are bets based on a player’s belief that their Face Down Card is the highest card dealt in that individual round.


  • To develop the best poker hand and win the entirety of all “Hand Bets” placed by all other players.

Hand Bets are poker hand bets. A player’s poker hand is developed using any combination of that player’s own Face Down Cards along with the Common Area Cards. Five Common Area Cards are dealt during the course of the hand. Common Area Cards can be used by all players in the development of their poker hand.

Game Overview  

Each player will receive five Face Down Cards, dealt one at time and there will be five Common Area Cards, also dealt one at a time. Betting takes place after each deal. A Face Down Card is dealt and a round of Card Bets take place/ A Common Area Card is dealt and a round of Hand Bets take place and so on for five rounds. A player has the opportunity to win up to five individual Card Bets plus the opportunity to win the poker hand using any combination of their own Face Down Cards and the Common Area Cards. Sounds simple enough right? Well there is one more unique aspect of this game that you must master. Card Bets are not as simple as they seem. Should a player decide NOT to place a bet on an individual Face Down Card (for example a player’s Face Down Card is a 2 and therefore highly unlikely to beat any other player’s Face Down Card dealt in that round) that Face Down Card is NOT eligible to be used in the development of their poker hand. You’d better be thinking three steps ahead. The game can be played numerous ways, including elimination style using the Accelerator Die. The Accelerator Die is rolled every twenty minutes and it doubles or triples the minimum Card Bet. The final head to head, where the two remaining players face off, is called The Joust and it is a face paced dual where the last player standing is declared before all to be the Conqueror! May fate smile upon you and guide your strategy….

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